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    Managed Services for Care Providers

    Angel Care offers care facilities a range of managed services designed to free you from any employment-related administration you really don’t have to do.

    Recruitment Services for Care Providers

    Angel Care has been helping care providers to find the best support workers for over 50 years. We supply staff as and when you need them, so you can give your time and energy to delivering your service.

    Managed Services for Private Clients

    Angel Care provides a service which helps you to retain even more control over your care by employing your care worker directly.

    Care services for private clients

    Angel Care supports vulnerable adults and children within the comfort of their own homes. If you, or a loved one, needs care or extra help without the stress of moving to a care facility, then our care teams can help you do just that.

    Care Reviews

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    I wanted to send my sincere thanks to N*** for supporting B*** out and about last Thursday. That is a fantastic achievement, considering B*** has not been out in over 3 years. This extensive period indoors has significantly impacted on his confidence, and he became so resistant to going out, using various strategies to obstruct this going forward. Both S*** and your carers have worked hard to support B*** with various tasks, improving his well-being and ultimately improving his life.

    Having just spoken with B***, he is ecstatic having been out locally, getting his own shopping. He spoke of all the changes to the local area and how much he enjoyed himself. I really can’t stress how much of an achievement this is, and so I wanted to ensure your staff were properly thanked.

    5th June 2018

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    There’s no forgetting its #pancakeday today from all the mouth watering posts we’ve seen. Any of our followers care to share their favourite recipe or topping for our consultants to try?

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    What Makes Employees Happy?

    Do 15 people have to approve an employee getting a laptop at YOUR organisation? If so, you’re risking losing your employee’s TRUST – a vital key to retaining great employees! (Via @TEDTalks)

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    Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2019

    It’s Eating Disorder Awareness Week. Did you know that: “[C]ertain occupations … tend to attract people who are vulnerable to eating disorders, such as jobs in the food industries, sport, fashion, nursing and the caring professions.” (Via @beatED)

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