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    Managed Services for Care Providers

    Angel Care offers care facilities a range of managed services designed to free you from any employment-related administration you really don’t have to do.

    Recruitment Services for Care Providers

    Angel Care has been helping care providers to find the best support workers for over 50 years. We supply staff as and when you need them, so you can give your time and energy to delivering your service.

    Managed Services for Private Clients

    Angel Care provides a service which helps you to retain even more control over your care by employing your care worker directly.

    Care services for private clients

    Angel Care supports vulnerable adults and children within the comfort of their own homes. If you, or a loved one, needs care or extra help without the stress of moving to a care facility, then our care teams can help you do just that.

    Care Reviews

    I would like to formally thank Angel Care for the wonderful, albeit short, support your company provided to my father. We were grateful for all carer’s you have supplied us with, who were truly exceptional, kind, considered and gave genuine care to my father in his last days. Thank you once again

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    Is Trust the Most Important Workplace Competency?

    The new Tom Cruise film American Made, released today, is ‘based on the unbelievable true story’ of an unbelievably untrustworthy man, Barry Seal.   A sacked TWA pilot-turned-drug-smuggler-turned-undercover-informant Seal double-crossed everyone he worked with. The result? Well… it wasn’t good.   The Key Leadership Competency   Trust is important. More of us want to work for …

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    Mind the Gap – How to Make Career Gaps Sound Great!

    Gaps in your work experience can make you feel self-conscious. They can be tricky to explain to a future employer. So what do you say?   Summer breaks are one thing, but what do you put on your CV when you took a whole gap year? What if you haven’t worked for ages because you’ve …

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    Believe & Other Career Lessons from Eddie Izzard

    “[I]f I assume I have the confidence, I’ll tell everyone I’m doing it, and then people will come and we’ll actually do it. Once we’ve done it, I’ll have the confidence to do it again. It was some sort of weird positive-thinking confidence mantra because I had to get there.” ― Eddie Izzard   It’s …

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