Live in Care Services

What is Live in Care?

Live in care means that you will have someone living with you in your own home 24/7. It is often much more cost effective than Residential Care and means your loved one can stay in their own home, in the familiar surroundings that they know. You or your loved one can still live a full and independent life, choosing when and where you go out, what food you want to eat and what time you get and up and go to bed. All care plans are tailored around you or your loved one’s needs. Your carer can support you with as little or as much as you like. Support could range from:

  • Personal care, including washing, toileting and continence management
  • Morning and bedtime routines
  • Cooking fresh, home cooked meals
  • Light household tasks
  • Medication reminders and collecting prescriptions
  • Grocery shopping
  • Accompanying services for visiting friends, attending appointments, holidays and social events.

Why Choose Live in Care?

Your choice

Live in care gives you or your loved one personal choice every day. Whether it be what time you get up in the morning to what you want for Wednesday nights dinner, the choices of how you live your life are made by you. Our carers are specifically matched to your needs and make a real difference to the lives they support.

Live-in Care costs

Mention Live in care and people think it’s a big expense! Its actually not. Having a Live-in carer 24/7 can be much cheaper than choosing a residential care facility. Click here to see our pricing. Why not have all the benefits and more of residential whilst you or your loved one lives in the home they know and love? Read more about the benefits of Live-in vs Residential in our Care FAQ’s.

Introductory Live in Care or Fully managed service, it’s up to you

Fully Managed Service

We can provide you with a full Live in care managed service which means we take care of everything from organising your carer to providing updated care plans, spot checks, compliance and payroll services. Click here to see the full details.

Introductory Service

Our introductory service can be offered across the UK and is still a great alternative for those who we cannot provide a fully managed service for. With this service, you’ll get the benefits of a trusted Angel carer who can support you in your own home. With this service, please note that we cannot provide home visits, spot checks or updated plans. Click here for more details.

Still hesitant?

Read our Care FAQ’s here.

Whether its peace of mind to have someone living with you or your loved one for that ‘just in case scenario’ to providing full 24-hour support, you or your loved one’s Live in care package is bespoke to support them/you. We can also offer short-term live-in care for reablement and respite purposes. Please see Additional Care Services for more details.