Preventing Falls

Around one in three adults over 65 will have at least one fall a year. Most falls don’t result in serious injury but they often lead to a loss of confidence.

Don’t worry! There are lots of ways you can reduce your risk of having a fall – we’ve even outlined some of them below.


Tips For Preventing Falls at Home:

  • Immediately mop up spillages
  • Remove clutter, trailing wires and frayed carpets
  • Use non-slip mats and rugs
  • Use high-wattage light bulbs
  • Organise your home so that climbing, stretching and bending are kept to a minimum
  • Get help to do things that you’re unable to do safely alone
  • Don’t walk on slippery floors in socks or tights
  • Don’t wear loose-fitting, trailing clothes that might trip you up
  • Wear well-fitting shoes that are in good condition and support the ankle
  • Take care of your feet – see a GP or chiropodist about any foot concerns


Regular Exercise Can Help Prevent Falls:

  • Regular exercise can improve your strength and balance
  • Ask your care worker to help you carry out exercises, safely


Preventing Falls While on Medication:

  • Some medications have side effects that may increase the risk of falling
  • Your GP should review your medicines yearly to ensure they’re the right dose for you


Sight Tests Can Help Prevent Falls:


Home Risk Assessment:

  • A home hazard assessment will make recommendations on how to use your environment more safely – like installing a personal alarm system or safety bars
  • Ask your GP or local authority about the help available near you


Alcohol & Fall Prevention:

  • Drinking alcohol can lead to loss of coordination and affect some medicines – so always drink moderately and accordingly


What Next?

Contact your nearest Angel Care office and speak with one of our friendly care team about creating a support package to suit you.

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