Our Vision & Mission

Angel Care is a division of Angel Recruitment dedicated to:

  • Delivering exceptional care services to vulnerable children, adults and their carers
  • Providing professional support workers to care facilities


Person-Centered Care 

Of course, all relationships are built on trust but this is doubly true when supporting individuals with personal care and intimate tasks.

That’s why we promise to:

  • Partner our clients with experienced care workers sympathetic to individual needs and goals
  • Introduce clients to a proposed care worker before formal care begins to ensure compatibility
  • Replace a care worker with someone more suitable if a relationship doesn’t work out


For Clients & Candidates

Whether you’re an Angel Care client employer or a candidate our values, vision & mission ensure you’re in the best possible hands.

From our family-run foundation to our loyal team, to the clients and candidates we match, and even the local communities in which we’re based, at heart, Angel Recruitment is all about people and relationships.


Our Core Values:

  • PUNCTUALITY – good time-keeping is simply good old fashioned respect for others in action
  • DEPENDABILITY – doing what we said we would do, when we said we would do it, in the best way we can
  • HARD WORK – we’re ready, willing and able to adapt to workplace needs and produce results
  • WELLBEING – well employees make a better contribution and are more likely to be positively engaged with their work, so we’re committed to taking care of each other
  • CARE – we love what we do, which means we can’t wait to do it!
  • PRIDE – we want you to love our service, so we’re no strangers to going above and beyond the call of duty!




Our Vision

  • To do the right thing for others and make a positive impact on the people we meet


Our Mission

Angel Recruitment is a leading independent specialist in recruitment solutions, working with honesty and integrity, building long lasting partnerships by delivering on our commitments to everyone we come into contact with. We do not believe in lip service only hard work to achieve results.

Our main purpose is to place the best employees with the skills, experience and work ethic required by our clients to achieve a successful outcome.

Angel Recruitment is a company of “I can and I will.” We do not dwell on the past, we work together as a team to achieve the results we set ourselves each and every day, because we want to be the best we can be at what we do, to be better today than we were yesterday.