Additional Support Services

All our support services can be offered through our Live in or Domiciliary care packages. Below are just some of the ways we can help you or your loved one.

Specialist Care

Dementia and Learning Difficulties

We can provide a range of solutions to support clients with different needs. We can provide full 12-hour support, long sitting services or just a couple of hours each day to ensure your loved one gets the support they require. Waking nights can also be arranged to give family time to sleep. As all our care plans are person-centred towards the individual, we can work with you to provide the best package suited for you or your loved one.

All our staff are fully trained to support clients living with different types of Dementia and Learning Difficulties. Our staff have the experience to support these complex needs and we do our very best to make sure you or your loved one are able to enjoy an independent life whilst living at home.

Reablement and Respite Care

If you or your loved one has returned home after a stay in hospital, our carers can offer support throughout your recovery at home. We can help build confidence and independence and assist you in settling back into your home routine. Those returning home after time in hospital can also benefit from short-term live in, giving you or your loved one peace of mind that someone is always there to help you.

If you’re a sole carer for your loved one and need some respite from your duties, short term live-in care is a great solution, giving you peace of mind that your loved one is in great hands whilst you take time for yourself. Joan- can I describe this as respite for carers? I know respite for clients is when they go away to residential homes, but I was trying to advertise that we can provide respite solutions for sole family carers who also may need to take a break. I have also mentioned this in the Live-in care section.

Domestic Services

Some of our clients need no assistance with care services but would like a bit of extra help around the house. We can help you with light household tasks such as cleaning the kitchen, washing clothes or even grocery shopping, giving you more free time to do the things you enjoy.

Holidays and Days out

Are you or your loved one wanting to take a holiday? Perhaps you require someone to take you or your loved one on a day out to the seaside? We are happy to arrange for our carers to accompany you or your loved one on days out or holidays (abroad included) to enable you or your loved one to keep living life to the full.

For more information please read our FAQ’s and Pricing page.