Take the Test: What’s Holding You Back?

Career not going the way you wished? Discover what’s up with this @PsychologiesMag test. Then let us know if we can help… https://bit.ly/30q71yB


When it comes to work your body image isn’t just your problem, it could be your employer’s too (via @ConversationUK). Yes, it’s Mental Health Awareness Week (@mentalhealth) + this year’s theme is body image. https://bit.ly/2NRg1FG



Care Home Catering Goes 3D

Where futuristic technology meets care home catering for the elderly. What do you think? https://bit.ly/2HcEING


Nurses Day ’19

We need dedicated nurses to deliver heartfelt care to vulnerable people everyday, but this Sunday is Nurses’ Day. So here’s a little reminder of the huge job nurses do + how they impact us all! (#ThisNurse video by RCN) https://bit.ly/3069Ch3



Europe Day’19

It’s Europe Day! So we wanted to take this opportunity to thank all our amazing temp and permanent candidates who come from all over the EU to work for the hotels, restaurants, care homes and offices who need them.



Onboarding Hacks for Employers

Having trouble retaining staff? How’s your onboarding process looking? (Via @thrive) https://bit.ly/2VDfBdH



Inspiration from Avengers Endgame

Tomorrow may be Star Wars Day, but Avengers Endgame is overbrimming with motivation Marvel style – according to @QuartzAtWork. Suffering with self doubt? This post is a must! https://bit.ly/2DJopEO


We love a positive care story. Discover how Dorset council is delivering better care (via @CommunityCare). Inspired? We’re always looking for empathic + dedicated care workers. https://bit.ly/2VMKo8d



May Day’19: Start Your Summer Job Search

Want a summer job!? Here’s why you should sign up with a recruitment agency! PLUS other hacks from @Forbes https://bit.ly/2vFuIF7

Meet Gen Z

Employers! Turns out: “Gen Zers have some unique and possibly unexpected traits.” Get the lowdown via @VisualCap. Have questions? We can help! https://bit.ly/2Ih7RbU