Rewarding Care Home Scheme

Love an inspiring care story! “…[I]t is already making a difference to people’s lives. … [S]everal residents can now walk independently to the dining room instead of relying on a care assistant for support.” (Via @GdnSocialCare)



Career Inspiration for Shakespeare Day

Got career ambitions? How are your communication skills looking? (Via @gethppy) Need career advice? We can help!

A Fresh Approach to Social Care

“When I told people I planned to move into a care home for the weekend, they warned me I risked losing my laundry, if not my dignity. But my experience was different.” – says @saralivadeas of Freemantle Trust via @GdnSocialCare



Notre Dame ’19

Today our hearts go out to our French friends. So many Team Angel members have beautiful personal memories of living, working or holidaying in Paris + the amazing Notre Dame Cathedral.



Your Recruitment Methods Need a Refresh? / GenZ + Rethinking Recruitment

Is it time to refresh your approach to recruiting? “Almost one-in-five (18%) of Generation Z applicants are dropping out of the recruitment process, even after being offered a job” – says Recruitment Buzz.


Q4 2018: Employee Confidence Slumps

Latest data shows a slump in UK employee confidence. Active job-seeking fell by 7.2% from the third quarter of 2018 but the reasons go beyond Brexit… (Via @personneltoday).



Sustainability at Work + for the Planet

“Company sustainability typically looks at its impact on the community locally + globally, but sustainability starts with the people behind the scenes,” says this @Forbespiece. Employers / Employees: What do you think?



Humanising On-Boarding

Is your Onboarding Process putting off your great new recruits? @SkyUK talk making introducing new employees to your company “human-centred, not HR-centred” in this @happyhenry post. What do you think?



Creative Care: Kids + the Elderly

We love it when Care gets creative! “Nightingale House is home to elderly residents and nursery children by day, with the two groups uniting for a variety of activities – from gardening to arts and crafts,” says @TimeOutLondon.

Put the Spring in Your Job Search

Job search need a refresh? This great post – via @thebalance(US) – shows you why using an agency can be a great addition to your job hunt arsenal + how to find the right one for you. Got a question for us? We’d love to help!