Is It Time For a Makeover?

Does your career need a makeover? Check out these warning signs… (Via @thebalance)

Blue Monday

Happy at work? “People who are happy at work tend to enjoy life more + have better health, stronger relationships + a greater sense of purpose. …[E]vidence shows that happier staff are more productive, creative + committed,” says @actionhappiness

Write a Career Mantra

Not into goal planning? How about keeping yourself on the right with just a few carefully chosen words? (Via @CareerContessa). We’d love to hear what you come up with!

Career Changes: Not Just for January

“Career changes have to be seen as par for the course, not a one-off leap made only by the bold.” Thought-provoking read on the future of work by @thepooluk ‘s @marisajbate. What do you think?

Brexit Uncertainty

Following MPs rejection of the PM’s Brexit plan @britishchambers Boss, @BCCAdam, tells #BBCNews that the ongoing uncertainty means: 1 in 5 businesses could change their hiring plans.

Employment Trends January 2019

Employers: How are you finding recruiting right now? “A lack of work ready candidates is really beginning to bite UK businesses and the situation is worsening. … . It really is a candidate’s market at the moment.” says @RECPress ’s Jan 2019 UK Report on #Jobs.



New Job

Did the back to work blues finally get you? If so, you’re not alone! Almost half of Brits will be looking for a new job as of last Friday (Via @RecruitmentBuzz + @Arden_Uni ). Need help?!

Job Trends – Looking Forward

Whether you’re looking for a new job or a new employee @Onrec ‘s 2018 review will give you the lowdown you need in 2019. Want hands on help? We’re always here…




Care Trends ’19

Turns out Care is “the best industry for job satisfaction” according to research by @CVLibrary. Lucky for you Care is one of our specialities…

Back to Work Productivity

Struggling back to work? @Inc has some hacks to help you overcome the January blues and really up your work game.