Care Service Models

We can offer two types of Live in Care services and what’s on offer may depend on your location. Any client is able to get an Introductory service, but the Fully Managed Service needs to be within a certain distance in order for us to be able to conduct home visits and checks.

Have a read below to find out more about the type of Live- in care we can offer you.

Fully Managed Service

We can provide you with a full Live-in care managed service which means we take care of everything from organising your carer to providing updated care plans, spot checks, compliance and payroll services.

Our managed service gives you the ultimate peace of mind knowing Angel Care is on hand 24/7. You can rest assured that you or your loved one is getting the best possible care with our managed service. 

The process starts with an initial conversation with one of our friendly Care Coordinators and from here you can expect:

  • A home assessment visit where you’ll meet one of our lovely Field Managers where we will discuss in detail you or your loved one’s care needs. We will also undertake a risk assessment.
  • A Personalised Care Plan is written for you or your loved one
  • Upon each booking we will check in with both client and carer with a home visit after the first 6 weeks.
  • Ongoing carers will be booked in advance to give continuous cover
  • Regular contact with both client and carer with a minimum of 2 home visits a year to update the support plans.

Introductory Service

Our introductory service can be offered across the UK and you’ll still get all the bells and whistles of Angel Care Live in. The only real difference is that your carer will be self-employed, and you will manage the care in partnership with our trusted care team. You will still get a detailed care plan which will be updated by you with our help, but we won’t be able to do quarterly visits or spot checks. But remember, we’ll still be on hand any time to guide and support you.

Have a read below to find out more:

  • Angel provides you with a Carer and we make sure they are compliant with training and right to work checks.
  • Angel will do the initial Care Plan & Assessments and will support you to update the plans as and when needed.
  • Angel will check in via phone call to provide Quality Assurance monitoring for staff
  • Your carer will be self-employed and you, the client will pay them directly
  • We will provide you with all the forms you need such as care plans, medication forms and logbooks and will support you in updating these as and when.
  • Angel will be the important link in this partnership of managing your loved one’s care. Although we won’t be able to perform home visits, we will be on hand to guide and support you to ensure your loved one is getting the best care to reflect their needs and wishes.

Not sure which one is best for you? For more information on either service don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0207 940 2014 or