Looking to join our team as a Care Assistant?

Angelcare provides Domiciliary and Live in care to clients in their own homes. That means you’ll be visiting a range of clients and helping them with their daily activities from the comfort of their own home. Person centred care is at the heart of what we do and its important to stay true to our values and responsibilities as a care assistant.

It’s important to us that you are aware of what’s involved when taking on the role of a care assistant.  So, here’s some things you need to know before you apply……

What will I be doing?

Dependent on service user needs, you can expect to do a range from the following:

  • Help them get up in the morning/go to bed
  • Personal hygiene, washing and dressing
  • Help with toileting/commode
  • Catheter and stoma care
  • Foot and hand care, applying cream and dressing
  • Assisting with physiotherapy and exercise plans
  • Meal preparation
  • Help with cleaning, shopping, laundry, days out
  • Blood glucose, blood pressure, weight monitoring
  • Liaising with health care professionals
  • Record keeping in logbooks and completing medication charts

We can’t pick and choose what we help with, so you need to be willing to assist with any of the tasks listed above or more dependent on the service user needs.

What makes a great Care Assistant?

  • Passion for Caring. Someone who is passionate about enhancing and making a difference to another’s person’s life. Our carers are committed to personal centred care, promoting the independence of each service user.
  • Attention to detail. You’ll be able to follow the care plan and monitor the progress of your clients. You’ll be able to spot changes and evaluate when care plans might need to be updated. Any changes or concerns you’ll report to the manager.
  • Record keeping. You’ll be able to record your daily visits clearly in the logbooks and fill in medication sheets upon each visit. You understand the importance when it comes to recording client progress and medication.
  • Patience and persistence. It can be challenging at times and things may not run smoothly but person-centred care is always at the heart of each call. Even if it can be a bit tricky sometimes, you will still provide the highest quality of care to our service users.
  • Able to leave your work at work. Providing care to those in need is so rewarding but its important to remember that there are always good and bad days. It can also be upsetting when service users pass away so its really important not to let that affect you and your home life. Being able to separate work from play will keep you healthy and happy too.

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