Motor Neurone Disease Care

Motor neurone disease (MND) is a life changing illness, usually presenting around 60 years of age, although it can affect younger people – famously theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking was diagnosed at 21, for example.

But Angel Care is here to provide you and your loved ones with specialist care tailored to support you from diagnosis and beyond to live life at home in the way you want.


Choose Angel Care for:

  • Help with washing, dressing and eating
  • Support with attending your favourite social activities
  • Help with everyday tasks
  • Medication management
  • Help preparing nutritious meals and support with eating and drinking
  • 24 hour care


More on MND

  • MND is a rare and progressive disease that attacks the nerves in the brain and spinal cord, leading to weakness and wasting
  • It can affect how you walk, talk, eat, drink and breathe
  • Difficult to diagnose the disease affects each individual in a different way, so there’s no definitive set of symptoms
  • Some MND sufferers experience mild cognitive changes affecting: planning, decision-making and language
  • Others show signs of frontotemporal dementia
  • Resulting physical challenges can include: muscle cramps and spasms, stiff joints, incontinence, communication problems, eating and drinking difficulties, and breathing issues


How We Can Help

Our expert Angel Care workers provide the support MND sufferers need to help alleviate symptoms and keep comfortable at home.


What Next?

Got more questions about MND? Then try the MND Association.

Or, contact your local Angel Care office to speak with one of our friendly care team about creating an MND care and support package to suit you.

Find your local branch HERE.